Monday, March 3, 2008

It's that time...

It's SPRING BREAK! And this doesnt mean Im taking a trip somewhere. For me it just means a week at home during which I will get to hang out with a few friends, sleep in, stay up late, and of course relax.

I've been sick the past three days (today is day four). Im glad I was able to wait to get sick until now. Hopefully I can shake this off in the next day or two so I can enjoy my break.

I think I have the lyrics I wrote about in a previous blog done, but right now they are sitting out side in my car, which happens to be sitting out in the rain (exactly where I dont want to go since I am feeling so auful right now). Hopefully I feel more up to moving out of my room (and pajamas) tomarrow to go get them from the car.

All I have done today is watch episodes on, which feels SO good today. Its above 40 degrees f today, which is unusually warm, and rainy out. We are supposed to get snow later today and into the night.

Im gonna get some more sleep now so I get better. Its so unusual that I take a nap that my family knows that if Im taking a nap, I am definatly SICK!