Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Childrens Lit

Im sitting in my childrens lit class right now waiting for class to start. As you may have notice (if you have come back frequently, or noticed it when you came to my blog today) I have a button that you can click to call me. Feel free to do it if you want. Dont count on me answering though. If I dont answer, just leave me a message and Ill be sure to listen to it. I might even call you back if I have the time to. I am curious to see how many people call me.

As for those lyrics that I was working on the other day after seeing the episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition; they are coming slowly. I am almost done with it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Patrick Henry Hughes

I've been watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC's website. I have to say that Patrick Henry is AMAZING! Being a pianist myself, I know just hard it is to play the piano as well as Patrick does. But to see and hear him play when he cant extend his arms all the way, and is blind makes his ability to play the piano even more amazing! Just watching him play and hearing him sing at the end of the episode was spectacular. As I finished watching the episode, I had an idea for some song lyrics. I had the first few lines in my head at that point, so I sat down at the piano. Sometimes this is the eaisiest way for me to compose a song so that I don't over think what I want. I managed to pluck out the melody, and was begining to figure out where I wanted the song to go. So I came back to my laptop to finish the lyrics. I literally just finished them (well the first draft at least). Hopefully throught the rest of today (except for the time I'll spend in class this afternoon) will be a productive time for writing the music. I thought I would post the lyrics here at least, but have just decided to keep them to myself for a little while longer so I can at least work out a few of the kinks in the lyrics that I don't like right now. Maybe during the next couple of days I will be able to record a video with eaither the lyrics or the music, or maybe even both if I can find someone to sing since I cant sing too well. As soon as I have some sort of video of this song, I'll make sure to post it on youtube and on this blog.
Dont't give up on your dreams. Not now. Not ever. Just keep on pushing through to achieve.
Love you all!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I thought I would share this

I really want to share a few things with everyone reading. These are things that have defined who I am in recent months or years. Please dont be picky when you read them.

First off: Living with my parents and going to school at a nearby community college wasn't what I originally wanted to do. I really wanted to go away to school, but wasn't really ready too. I really would have liked to have gone away to college. I will finish my last year at Delta College though. I have two more semesters left at Delta. One semester of clinicals and one semester of General credits. Then Im moving out! Yipee!!!

#2: During the Summer 2007 I worked at Dow Gardens full time. This not only was a great work experience, but it also brought about a new view of what a great job was!

#3: During the spring 2007, I worked at Dow Gardens during butterfly season. This not only tests your patience, but it also brings some smiles to your face! There were days I wanted to yell at visitors in the butterly house, but somehow managed to contain it. Can anyone imagine me yelling? I sure cant!

#4: On March 28 2007, I was in a minor car accident, during which no one got hurt/killed. My van died that day though. This wasn't too traumatic (thanks to parents who care and several close friends in my bell choir). But, I could be found running away whenever I smelled the smell of airbags for the next couple of months due to a new found fear of that smell. Thankfully I have gotten over that fear.

#5: In Mid to late April 2007 I began to come to terms with the fact that I am bi sexual. (no fair harrasing me about this. Its just part of who I am.)

Yep. Those were my five fun facts about me for the day. Enjoy them! It's very mild here in Midland today. It may only be 35 degrees F, but it feels SO mild out with the sun shining and no breeze. Spring is on its way!