Friday, May 8, 2009


Here I am
take me for what I am
don't tell what
or who
to be
just let me be me

last night I dreamed of you
dreamed of your touch
that I felt yesterday
and I'm finding myself
more in love everyday
that passes by

Everytime I see you
I can remember why
I fell for you
that first time
so here I am
being who I am
and finally being able
to relax into it

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I never thought
I'd be here today
watching people walk by
selling dippin dots
to any baseball fans
yet here I am
I'm watching people
trying to decide
which people I find
the most attractive
and it seems so strange
yet I know it's not
this can't be completley weird
and I never thought I'd feel this way
as I wait for gates to open
wait for a rush of fans
yet here I am
watching you walk along
and interact with all the staff
so here I am
so in love
with someone that I can't
well shouldn't

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As I look out my window
I can see all this green
and i wounder where this life of mine
is going
i wounder where you are
I wounder what you're doing now

And all I know
is that you're out there
doing something that I will never know
and I'm sitting here
staring out my window
questioning who I am
what I'm supposed to do
with my life

Tonight I'll see you again
tonight we'll work together again
and I'll remember why
I fell in love with you
and I'll remember why we can't be together
maybe life is stranger
than I ever thought it could be

Maybe my life is crazy
maybe I am crazy
but who says I can't enjoy my life
why should I follow the crowds
I'll do my own thing
I'll live my own crazy life
and maybe I'll enjoy it
yes I'll enjoy it
I'll enjoy my life
enjoy being me!


I've been rather busy latley with trying to find a job; working for the loons; working in my church's nursery, sleeping, writing my novel, and writing my musical. This past weekend my mom's parents were here to visit saturday and sunday, so I didn't have time to do a whole lot on my own. Recently I started teaching myself ASL (American Sign Language), and have learned a few signs every day. Currently my vocabularly inludes:


I know it's not a lot, but the words I have been learning are ones I'll be able to use when I work in my church's nursery if and when we get a deaf child. Who knows; it could be helpful someday. I have a post in my lyrics/poems series of blogs coming up later this afternoon or early tomarrow.