Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blood Donor

Hey blog people!

This is my first post in a while. Sorry about that. I've been concentrating more on my other blog (, and on the novel and musical I have been writing. My other blog (click that link above to see it) is a lot of whats going on with that musical and novel. On to what I've been doing latley besides writing.


I'm working for a minor leauge baseball team called the great lakes loons ( in food service. If you go to you can see our schedual and buy tickets, and see all kinds of other cool stuff. Tonights game will be my first night at the hand dipped ice cream, which I am quite excited about. I am also working in my church's nursery chasing kids around. The night before my 21 birthday I was working, and one of the kids drew me a cute picture that I have in my room.

Okay now to explain the title of this blog. I've been a blood donor for several years now. I highly sugguest it. Every pint of blood you donate can save up to three lives, which is brilliant. You can save up to three lives and only spend an hour of your time. The last time I donated I hit the 1 gallon mark! If you do decide to donate blood in your area, remember to drink LOTS of water beforehand and eat at least one healthy meal beforehand. It really will help. I've already drunk 1016 mL of water (thats just been since 8AM this morning). The more water you drink before donating blood the better, and you WILL spend a lot more time on the toliet that day.

I've got to get going to my other blog momentarly so that I can give that audience (which I'm sure is different than the audience of this blog) an update as to how some things are going. I'll let you all know how my blood donatation goes this morning.



"Theres a fine fine line between a lover and a friend
theres a fine fine line between reality and pretend" Avenue Q

Friday, May 22, 2009


Earlier in the week I was watching the movie "ET" for the first time since I was in elementary school (hint: I'm 21). Yesterday one of my friends (Leesy) and I were on a little picture adventure, and we got to talking about the movie. Basically Leesy and I can remember our first experiences with ET. Mine was actually and amazingly great experience. I loved ET to death in elementary school, and can clearly remember wanting to take him home. Now on to my latest experience with ET...

Watching it this time, I had this clear feeling of wanting to just keep him forever. As ET died, I just about started crying...I really wanted him to live at that moment, and of course I didn't remember the ending, so I had no hope until the unexpected happened. It's that last scene, when the space ship door closes, and the last thing you see of him is his lit up red heart. That really got me. In all honesty I actually cried at the end. That last scene reminds me of the love and friendship ET and Elliot have and had for each other. It also makes me think of so many other things.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Donation button and more

As you may have noticed, I added a donation button to my blog. I did this purposly so that people (only if you want to) can donate any amount of money to me. Any money donated is going to be used for getting my screenplays made into movies/films, getting my novel published (once i finish it), and getting my musical on some sort of stage when I finish the writing of the book lyrics and music.

As for my musical....
I wrote several new songs last night that will likley be placed in the second act. As I was cleaning out my desk last night (btw, who cleans out their desk on the 21 birthday??) I found some old poems I wrote, that I realized I could use for the musical if I just re-wrote a couple of the lines.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The bible...

Okay this one is a quick one....
can someone tell me where (book and chapter) in the bible that says something against gay people/gay marriage. I was trying to find this tonight and was preocupied by the virus I was removing from my computer and couldnt find anything in any of my three different bibles. PLEASE HELP by telling me where to find this really quite curious where it is.