Monday, April 20, 2009

"Watching you"

So these lyrics I literally just wrote in the last three minutes. I'm titling it "Watching You"...hopefully I can find some time to write the music and record it to post here. I want to share the back story of this one after I show you the lyrics.

I'm watching you
do your thing
but from a distance
I can't watch you close up
'cause then you'd know how I feel
about you
and I'm not quite ready for that
but someday I will tell you
how I feel about you

I love you
with all my heart
and I look every game
'cause you're the light of my world
you make me smile
everytime I see you
even from a distance
I love you
with all my heart

And when you leave me a message
I save it
and listen to it
over and over
again and again
'cause your voice makes me smile

And hearing your voice
seeing your around the stadium
makes me happy
makes me smile
'cause I love you so much
I wish you were here next to me
I wish I could hold you forever
I wish you were mine forever

Someday you'll be mine
someday I'll be yours
I get to sit here
listening to your voice on my answering machine
I wait for the next homestand
so I can see you again
someday Ill say I love you

Here's the back stoy for everyone and anyone who might be reading. As some of you may well know, I am working for the great lakes Loons ( in food service. You also might know that I am gay/lesbian (whichever term you prefer.). This song is based off of something I've been feeling for one of the members of the front office staff. I've know this particular person for over a year now, and can remember a time when I was still in the closet and finding myself attracted to her. Since that time I have come out of the closet to most everybody I know, except for this person that I wrote this about.