Wednesday, November 26, 2008


"Cant escape the sounds of the city
the sounds of the horns and the screams
with the sky cold and grey
buildings left to decay
its a city of broken dreams
with the crash of the steel and hammer
fill my head with a rythm so pure
and the sounds of the street are alive with a beat
that make me hopefull and sure
in the flash of the world is alive with music
one saving deep in my soul
and the beat of the drum feels like heaven
my empty life suddenly whole
in a world that'll toss and turn you
you do what can to survive
so I dance
so I move
to a beat
to a groove
that all meant I feel alive
all the people who live in the city
are struggling just to get by
though they dont have a lot
they accept what they've got
I would rather die
so I turn on the movie thats playing
night and day
in the back of my head
and I twist and turn
and I pray and yurn
for a life that I've never left
In a flash all the world is alive with music
one saving deep in my soul
and the beat of the drum
feels live heaven
my empty life suddenly whole
with only a dream to guide you
you've got to have passion and drive
so I spin
I dance
for a dream
for a dance
for a moment
to feel alive
some people see things for what they are
a cop moving traffic
a roar of a car
but I hear a rythm
and I see a smile on the cop
who is busting i movie style
inside the gym guys are jumping rope
but i see a dance that fills me with hope
and thats how i make it through every day
by looking at it in a different way
in a flash
all the world is alive with music
beating in time with my heart
and the rythm, eletric
is calling to me
soon your new lifes going to start
though at times it can over take you
it doesnt mean you shouldnt try
to escape from the dark
make your move
leave your mark
dont give up
dont give in
let a new day begin
for now and forever
you'll feel alive
"Alive" sung by Julie Reiber

I've fallen in love with this song. You can hear it on myspace. I have it on my myspace at

Here's a video of Julie Reiber singing "Invisible" which was written by Bobby Cronin. She's got one heck of a voice.
"Then I turned 8
oh my life was great
playing and dreaming..."

"Then came 13,
14 and 15...
16 was sweet
18 could compete...
I was to be the bride...
mother cried
pop was filled with such pride
my heart stopped
tell me why
it was my time to die
now Im stuck here
causing such fear
crying moaning and groaning
since Im all alone
mother lived 10 years more
after John died at war...
grace went next...
why was I ignored
anger fills my heart which lingers
help me find the light
as the haunter I am haunted
searching day and night
help me find
the love I lost when I died
I must confess
what no one did guess
empty from distress
I felt invisible
you see Mr. right
would often lie...
I tried to make him see
how much he needed me
but then accidently
I cut to deep
and I died
a suicide
he made me feel like I'm invisible
crying for help I'm invisible
I remain in vein
why am I still alone
tell me why
am I invisible
no chance to say goodbye
so I will always be

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Go to blog tv, and search ppmusic2010. I'm going to start a "Show" at noon, but it could start earlier, so get ready to ask your questions!

I just checked out the featured recorded shows at blogtv, and I was featured during my 8:00AMish show!! How exciting!