Friday, March 27, 2009

I'd love to share my heart
to confess the things yearn
but that's not how it works
not with who I am
some call me a freak
others call me strange
but I'm me
yes, I'm me
I may be different
I may seem strange to you
but this is who I am
To me you're strange
but you aren't a freak
no your not a freak
you're just different from me
there's always more to the story that you see
I might not have my picture perfect, happy ending
but I'm sure it'll be here someday
someday I'll confess my heart; confess the things I yearn
and someday I'll be able to say
"I Love You"
I'll say
I love you
and I really do
there's so much more to my story
there's that perfect, and happy ending
its out there somewhere
in this big bright beautiful world
don't we deserve it all
don't we deserve it all?

New series of blogs

I'm starting a new series of blogs here. They are going to be the lyrics/poems I write or might find laying around my room. There's something about writing them then sharing them that makes the work I put into these things that makes sharing them worthwile.

My obcessions...

I really wanted to bring someting up in this blog that has plauged me since I was a kid. I literally go through stages of obcessions. I wanted to make a list of some of my more recent obcessions...
1.Julie Andrews
2. writing
3. RENT (Well this is an obcession that's been with me since about 2000)
4. Disney Movies (this one comes and goes)
5. Wicked (This ones been with me since fall 2006)
6. Stephanie J Block
7. Tracie Thoms
8. Sutton Foster
9. Youtube
10. BlogTV
11. Twitter
12. Facebook
13. Myspace
14. Srek the Musical (I have a feeling that this one will be with me for years)

So that's just the short list...

As for my obcession with Shrek the musical, I love the song "Who I'd Be". As I was listening to this song one day earlier this week, I came up with the lyrics to a song I'm working on the music for now. Here are thos lyrics:

Who would I be
if I could be anyone
would there be
that happy ending
that perfect, happy ending
or would there be
more to do
more to be
more to see
I guess I'd be
that person I can feel
inside me
hiding inside me
theres a big
and bright beautiful world
out there
but I can't quite reach it
there's that perfect
and happy
that I deserve
but it's out of reach
just past my fingertips
and when I finally make it
I'll see that bright beautiful world
and I'll get that great
perfect beautiful ending