Friday, February 27, 2009

Where have I been?

I really don't know. I seem to have found myself completley disconected from the internet last week, and finally this week got back on to check my many accounts from Facebook to Myspace to Youtube to my e-mail. Did I mention I came down with a cold late yesterday; and thankfully it came only after my dental cleaning. Did I mention I had someone ask me out????? I guess I really should adress what I've been up too.

1. Bell choir--what fun!! Several weeks ago, and well after the holidays, we had our holiday party. It was quite a bit of fun just hanging out with a bunch of friends the night before the super bowl.

2. Dental cleaning--I originally had it schedualed for Febuary 19, but the dentists office had to re-schedual on me since the hygenist couldn't be there on the 19th. So I had my teeth cleaned yesterday morning.

3. Church Nursery--I work roughly two sunday mornings a month, Tuesday night (a financial class), and Wensdays during Lent for the services.

4. Yes someone asked me out yesterday. Let's just say that he didn't know, and still doesn't know I'm gay. Kind of sad actually...I felt so bad for saying no, but I really didn't want to lie about who I am. This particular guy seemed nice, and probobly would be the kind of guy I would fall for if I wasn't gay.

5. Writting writting writtting....see for details of what I've been working on writing latley.

6. Keeping up my deviant art user name there is ppmusic2010.