Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tonight at work, I was standing there alone watching people and thinking. That was when I had an idea for a short story. This will be just the beggining of it, and I will (well hopefully will) post more blogs here with more of this story as it comes to me over the summer. Now I know my other blog is the one that I usually do the story stuff on, but I haven't posted here very often, so I thought this one could be my spifffy little blog here. Here I go!

As Julia stood there getting set up for the big concert, she began feeling a little stressed out; but that was normal. It was when she looked up from the piano that she was warming up at that she saw Alyson, who was looking her way. Alyson's look said it all-this was crazy, but the good crazy that really got you ready for a fun night.

"God I wish she knew how I feel" thinks Julia "I wish I could sing a song telling her I love her, proclaim it to the world without being rejected"

What Alyson had no idea about was the way Julia felt about her. Very few people knew that Julia is gay, and even though Alyson knew, she had no idea how much Julia loved her. Nobody really knew if Alyson was dating, and for that matter nobody really knew if she was straight or gay. The only thing Julia knew for sure was that Alyson was the women that she wanted to spend the rest of her life living with and loving with all of her heart.