Friday, December 5, 2008


Okay, I just got some news via youtube about one youtuber that needs help right now. I have the link to the video as to what happened to him (HappyCabbie) so you can see it for yourself.

Go give him some love!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blogging from class

Right now I'm sitting in class, writing this. I probobly are wanting to tell me not to. But, today is a review day before our final exam on December 18th. We have a quiz on Tuesay. I really don't want to think about this, so I'm sitting here blogging. Maybe I'll even blog about some of what we're reviewing.

15 G x
___ . _____ = 15g .250=100x = 15g.250

100mL 250mL _______ = x = 37.5g

Yep. That's the kind of math I have to do. Pretty simple huh?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I found a card I recieved for my high school graduation in my's what it says (the italics)

You write papers
you study papers
you research papers
you turn in papers
and when you're all donw,
they hand you a peice of paper!
Here's anouther for your collection.

SO that's what the printed part of the card said. My Aunt and Uncle who sent me this card wrote:
With great love and admiration for all your hard work and positive attitude. Best whishes"

Here's anouther card, this time from my former piano teacher after I helped out with a music camp during the summer of 2007. It reads:
"Dear Erin
Thank you for all your help with Joyfull Jubilee. I really appretiate how you just step in wherever you're needed-Did you know you would be helping with a dance? I hope you had as much fun as I did. It was amazing how it all came together.
See you soon!

Here's anouther card I got reading:
"It is in hoping that we dream, in dreaming that we seek, in seeking that we find our life's desire. May all Your graduation dreams come true, and may all your tomarrows be beautiful. Congratulations and Best Wishes."

Anouther card from my stash of cards I recieved after my graduation:
"Happieness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. Hawthorn"