Sunday, June 21, 2009

part two

Yesterday I posted a short peice of something I had the idea for at work. Today I will post more of it, and once again a peice of it is based off of an idea I had at work yesterday, and a second peice of it based off of something I thought of tonight at work. Here I go!

Alyson isn't just a friend of Julia's, but also an arranger that helped Julia so much on her first solo album. It was that first solo album that Julia was doing a tour for now. As Julia got warmed up at that beat up grand piano on a stage in Midland, Michigan, Alyson scooted past Julia; and their eyes caught the others eyes. Alyson raised her eyebrows, and Julia couldn't help but smile. There was a mutual understanding in that raise of the eyebrows saying how chaotic things were, and yet how soothing it was to go through this routine of warming up and setting up with this touring band. Julia was wishing she could tell Alyson how much she loved her, and Alyson wished she could tell the world what she believed in and how wrong they were about who she is. Minutes passed, and they were ready for the concert. As they stood backstage, Alyson and Julia stood side by side silently. Alyson puts her hand on Julia's shoulder.

"You'll be fine." whispers Alyson

"I love you." replies Julia in a whisper.

Their eyes reconnect, and Julia walks out onto the stage to begin the show.

"Wow..." whispers Alyson to herself in surprise, "I never knew..."

The concert would be a hit amoungst the attendees. As everyone was standing, streching and walking out of the auditorium at the end of the show, no one realized what was about to happen backstage. The moment the final encore was over, Julia headed backstage to change into jeans and a T-Shirt as to be more comfortable on her way to the hotel. It was in the dressing room that Alyson awaitted Julia's arrival.

"Hey Alyson." says Julia

"Hey." replies Alyson, "You did great!"


"I love you too."