Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, I've been back from the family reunion for a week. What a time!

I got to the family reunion at about 2:30/3:00pm Michigan time, and absolutley enjoyed the chance I got to sleep on the ferry. Not a whole lot happened during the reunion on Friday.

Tubing and other various water sports. A grand total of seven of the cousins (including my brother and I) sat on the boat for an hour saturday morning writing a poem/ode that later would read during our grandma's 80th birthday party. After that hour we were stummed, so went tubing and super mabling for an hour or two, or however long that was. We would then go on to eat lunch up on the deck and finish the ode/poem in about 5 minutes. Its crazy to see how much a little tubing can help when you have writers block. Saturday night was the party. About half an hour before leaving to go to the party, the seven of us that had written the ode/poem had our one and only "official" rehersal out of sight and hearing range of Nanna. Throughout the party, we all enjoyed mingling with the friends of Nanna, and with our family. Most everyone 20 and older was drinking at least a little. I had 2 beers, and a glass of wine interupted with a can of Coke and some food. I was no where near drunk! We had one segmented rehersal in about 25 seconds to make our final preps for the ode/poem reading before we actually went in and did it (all by memory...every single one of the seven of us involved with it!). I later recieved an e-mail saying that even proffesional actors/actresses couldnt have had more stage precence than we did!

Some tubing, but not much, a lot of badmitton. Most every left that evening except my family and my moms older sisters family, making Nanna and buppa, my parents, my aunt Julie, and my three cousins, myself, and my brother the last ones at the lake. This prompted some games and other stuff.

Ill write monday later.