Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 in review

I was just thinking about the past year, and all the chaos that has happened since the beggining of the year. First off, I had a terrible winter 2008 semester, and realized that nursing is what I really want to do right now. I also had a job interview in January with the Great Lakes Loons (www.loons.com) for a food service position during the home games, and got a job there scooping ice cream, and making sundaes, bannana splits and ice cream cones. So I spent April through September at Dow Diamond scooping ice cream during home stands.

I spent time at church playing in the bell choir and working in the nursery where I chased kids around for hours on end.

Around July 4th, my parents and brother went on a trip to Wisconsin leaving me home because of my job. So I spent about a week home along, where I slept on the couch every night, watched the crappy Midland Fireworks, sent off a few fireworks of my own, watched way to many movies and too much TV, saw Wall-E in theaters twice, and worked Loons games. I also worked the Single A Midwest leauge all star game, and enjoyed it SOOO much. Then August rolled around, and it was time for the family reunion. My parents and brother left early to get there to spend time with my dad's parents since I had a couple games to work before my break began. I ended up driving the two and a half hours from Midland to Ludington where I took the four hour trip on the ferry across lake Michigan. Once in Wisconsin, my dad and his parents picked me up, and we went out to lunch. After lunch we dropped my dad's parents off, and drove the hour and a half to my mom's parents house. It was there that the reunion officially began with some tubing, and relaxing with books around the house. On the second day of the reunion was my mom's mom's 80th birthday party. That party was fun with all the drinking, food, music, family, and friends. During the party, seven of the cousins including my brother and I recited an ode we wrote for our grandma from memory.

In early september the fall semester began, and I began on the long road to becoming a certified Pharmacy technician. Since then i've also been working on writing a second screenplay, a novel, and worked at my school work, played in my chruch's bell choir and worked in the church nursery. I'm definatley looking forward to a new year, and new great memories that I'll be able to remember with a smile on my face.

In other quick, right now news, I'm sitting at Delta College, watching the school closings hoping that Delta Closes before my class is supposed to start so I dont have to go and can go home.