Saturday, March 22, 2008


This entry is about Jennifer, who is the main character in my screenplay. Enjoy!

Jennifer was born on May 20, 1988. Even before she was born, Jennifer's mom (Kristen), knew that she wouldnt be able to care for her. So, not long after she was born, Jennifer's adoptive parents met her. She (Jennifer) had the chance to grow up in a relativly normal situation. She never had to little to eat, always had toys to play with, and went to school like every other kid. At a young age she discovered a love for music. She always wanted to listen to music, even when everyone else in her adoptive family wanted silence. This was something she inherited from her biological mother. As Jennifer grew, she became involved with the school bands, and played the trumpet. Not long after starting to play the trumpet she started taking piano lessons. She was so involved with school groups, and with her friends that she never felt alone. By the time she started high school Jennifer was beggining to sense something. She wasn't sure exactly what she was feeling, but she knew something didn't seem quite right. She felt like there was something her adoptive parents hadnt told her that was important. Her adoptive family didn't tell her she was adopted until a week before she turned nineteen. Throughout high school she wanted to become a nurse or a high school band director. They day Jennifer and Kristen met, Jennifer turned nineteen. Over the next few years, Jennifer and Kristen spent a lot of time together just getting to know each other. Jennifer eventually joined the military and spent a year in Iraq. From then on Jennifer began to find her place in New York, and also found love from someone other than her mom.

I'm here.

I havent posted for a while, and it's definatly time for a me to write anouther post. I've been quite busy over the past few weeks between school, working part time, homework, bell rehersals, and training for my summer job.

Tomarow is Easter. That means a bell choir preformance! I'll be up at 6:30, out of the house by 7:15, and at church by 7:30 warming up.

I really need to get back to what I really wanted to do when I created this blog. I wanted to have place to write about the screenplay I have been writing. A place where I could document all of the ups and downs that might happen during the process of writing and getting it published. So I'll start getting back to that in my next entry (which hopefully will be a little later today!).