Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two (well, really three) in one day

So this is my second post of the day on this blog, but my third overall. But that's not my point.

Some time ago I was watching the news, and there was something they mentioned that I had to check out. The news mentioned a site called wish upon a hero (www.wishuponahero.com) and people can use it for free. You set up an account. Then you can search wishes and help people get their wishes. You can also post your wishes. I suggest going there--you never know what will happen.

9/15/09 update

I thought I'd share something here that I am about to share on my other blog (www.thatgirliknew.blogspot.com), with a part of the story behind how this came about.

I can't wait to see you
can't wait to hear your voice
or feel your presence next to me
and I've learned the most from watching you
more from you
than from the teacher I'm with
I know the theory
I know the kids
and I've found myself thinking
that someday I want to be in your shoes
I want to be the owner
I want to do the hiring
but most of all
I want to be a director
you've been teaching me-
without even realizing it-
what I need to know to be the director
that I am
so I'll follow my teacher's lead
I'll take everything in
and in the end
I'll begin to plan my future

In my other blog, there will be more as to the project that I am working on that this will be apart of. But now for the true story behind this. I've been spending so much more time with two year olds now that I am going with the child development program at school. In the process of that I've meet quite a few people that work at child care centers, or are directors of child care centers. The thing I kept finding was that the more time I spent in these child care settings was that I might start my own child care center after I finish this program. There have been two people that really have gotton to me (Karen and Marla). Karen is the director of one child care center that I really liked, and am hoping to eventually get a job at after I finish this program. Marla is someone I work with in my church's nursery, and has been great...she got me going with teaching two-year-old sunday school (who knew it woould take so much work to plan for two year old sunday school???).