Saturday, April 5, 2008

A blog of many things.

Since opening night for the Loons (a local minor leauge baseball team), I have been SO busy. Between classes, exams coming up, studying, homework, traveling too and from school, traveling too and from work, and working both in my church's nursery and for the Loons (food service), I feel like I have had no time to do any kind of blogging!

The past week:
I am sitting at the library right now. From March 30 through April 4 my parents and brother were in Florida on their spring break. I got left at home due to the fact that I had school and I had to work several baseball games. I was so happy to have some quiet time to myself at home. I didn't have a brother to come and bug me every half and hour, and I didnt have two parents that were constantly bugging me about something.

As for youtube, I posted quite a few videos this week. To find all of the videos I have posted visit:
They might be random, but thats okay! I am a very random person.

Upcoming stuff:
I have so many things going on that are coming up! I have about two weeks until exams (YIKES! What happened to this semester???????). I also have a ton of Loons games that are coming up. Please do come visit me at the Loons games! You'll find me serving food somewhere. I might be handling the food, or I might be floating, or I might be making food. You never know where you'll find me, so just look for me.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in a past blog, but I am planning a Michigan version of Scott Alan's concert series called MONDAY NIGHTS NEW VOICES. I am so excited to get this series going. I am still looking for vocalists and composers that want to be involved with the series, so just email me at if you are interusted in being involved with the series.

Other stuff:
I've been working on the second screenplay of the sequals, and it is coming together very slowly. I havent had the time to do a whole lot of writing during the past few weeks, so not a whole lot of work has been done on it. The work that has been done on it has been SOOO much fun to do! I love the character in this second one even more than I ever thought I would!

It's been warming up a TON around here! Today it was already in the upper fifties at about 10AM. I can hardley believe that it is almost the summer!

I think I got everthing, and it only took me one draft and about fifteen minutes to type and format!