Thursday, February 7, 2008

Free flow of ideas

This post will be dedicated to a free flow of ideas. As soon as a new paragraph I will be writing about whatever comes to mind. I have no idea what will come out...most of all I very well might come up with some ideas for my screenplay as I free write. This has proven very usefull with my screenplay on several occasions. Here I go!

I both hate and love interviews. I had one today. I hate interviews-especially preparing for them. I love them because it makes me think on my feet (which I absolutly love doing!).
Here goes a new form of free writing that I think will be much eaisier right now.

There you stand,
next to me,
here in this rehersal,
i love you so much,
yet I know we won't ever be together that way,
'cause you're married,
and I'm single,
but we can still be friends,
which has given me so much comfort.

I love you
as a sister,
as a friend,
as a lover,
I'll always love you that way

You're beside me
during every rehersal,
which gives me so much comfort,
and we are close friends,
we share a bond
that not everyone shares,
we share the bond of friendship
the bond of sisters in Christ

I still love you
as a sister
as a friend
as a lover
and I will always love you this way.

There are days
that all I can think of
is you
how much I love you
how much we share
in common
from our conversations

I still love you
I will always love you
but we will never marry
but I dont care anymore
'cause your there for me
and Im there for you
even now
when we are no where near
each other

Yep. That's it for today. I thought I would just let my fingers go at it. And that is what came out of them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let it snow!

Let it snow in Midland! It's been snowing almost non stop since about 8 or nine this morning. This lead to Delta College (where I have been attending college for two years) to cancel everything after 4PM. What good news! Wensdays I have my Children's Lit class at 6PM, so no class for me tonight!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I haven't been doing that great of a job of updating latley. I need to force myself to blog more often.

So I've been busy. There's school. Lets just say that takeing fifteen credits isn't that easy. Just sitting in class for 16 hours a week takes up time. There's always studying that needs to be done. I've been spending countless hours sitting around doing some studying. Then there's also work. I work Monday nights for two and half hours. Then there are the hours I spend volunteering for a pshychology project. Add it all up, and I have almost no time to do anything else.

I really need to get going, so I can get to the classroom I am volunteering in (it's a 15 to 20 minute drive with reasonable driving conditions). Hopefully I'll be back soon with anouther blog. I'm not giving up on this attempt to keep a blog updated yet!

"One Short Day in the emerald city..." Wicked
Love ya all!