Thursday, February 7, 2008

Free flow of ideas

This post will be dedicated to a free flow of ideas. As soon as a new paragraph I will be writing about whatever comes to mind. I have no idea what will come out...most of all I very well might come up with some ideas for my screenplay as I free write. This has proven very usefull with my screenplay on several occasions. Here I go!

I both hate and love interviews. I had one today. I hate interviews-especially preparing for them. I love them because it makes me think on my feet (which I absolutly love doing!).
Here goes a new form of free writing that I think will be much eaisier right now.

There you stand,
next to me,
here in this rehersal,
i love you so much,
yet I know we won't ever be together that way,
'cause you're married,
and I'm single,
but we can still be friends,
which has given me so much comfort.

I love you
as a sister,
as a friend,
as a lover,
I'll always love you that way

You're beside me
during every rehersal,
which gives me so much comfort,
and we are close friends,
we share a bond
that not everyone shares,
we share the bond of friendship
the bond of sisters in Christ

I still love you
as a sister
as a friend
as a lover
and I will always love you this way.

There are days
that all I can think of
is you
how much I love you
how much we share
in common
from our conversations

I still love you
I will always love you
but we will never marry
but I dont care anymore
'cause your there for me
and Im there for you
even now
when we are no where near
each other

Yep. That's it for today. I thought I would just let my fingers go at it. And that is what came out of them.

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