Friday, April 17, 2009

Nim's Island

In this afternoons blog-i'm going deviate a little from my series of blogs (poems and song lyrics) to blog a bit about the movie Nims Island. I literally just finished watching it, and must say that it was great! Part of the reason it was so good was Jodie Foster, Abigal Breslin and Gerard Butler...all three of whom and fans of. It was well done over all--the beauty of it all was amazing. I particularly love the ending; you really have no idea what happens to all three (Alex, Nim, and Jack).

As a kid I always loved watching a good movie. This is still true of me today. But today, I have much more of a range of a like of movies. I've found drama, comedy, musicals, kids movies, and animations are all great. I also have found a couple foriegn films I like. The thing about my movie obcession since March 2007 is that I actually study what makes these films/movies I watch so good and sometimes so auful that way. As you may know from reading eaither this blog, or reading I have written two screenplays, am working on a novel, and am working on writing a stage musical. So watching movies both good and bad have helped me greatly to figure what parts of the story to include in the two screenplays I've written.

The Walk

Went for a walk today

saw you going the other way

and as we pass

our eyes meet

and you ask me

"How you doing?"

It's your eyes

it's your smile

it's your thoughtfullness

that got me at "Hello"

yet this wont

cant work

everyone tells me it wont

and I know it's true

After all

your my boss

and you cant play favorites

it all makes sense

but what I'd wish

if I could wish one thing

it would be

that we could be together

forever more

Theres no denying

that I've fallen in love

with you

nothins felt so right

or more real

than this does

as we pass each other


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Name Rachel Steven,
Birthday May 20 88,
social security number
is now nine astricks long,
any previous jobs?,
no way...
why'd you have to ask me that?
please give me a job
that's all I'm asking for
in the here and now
I can start tomarrow
but who really cares
what position would you like?
I'll take whatever you can give me
it aint easy
trying to find a job
and strangley enough
I've got a feeling
that's somethings comeing
I've got a feeling
that I'll get this job
wouldn't that be awesome
if I could get this job
please give me a job
just give me a job...

It's a new day after all

Open your eyes sleepy head
Roll out of bed
stare out the window
its a new day after all

Here I am
Here I am again
staring out this window
the only change today
is what Im thinkin

Who am I
and what am I doin here
I've been wandering all these years
and I've finally found where I want to be

So I'll roll out of bed
rub those sleepy eyes of mine
look out the window
and run out the door
its time to great the new day
and a new dream
that is so close to comin true
Im dreaming of you
we've worked together
we've stayed together
nothing has pulled us apart

Staying together
working together
together for always
loving for always

I miss seeing your face
every other friday
having you around
and seeing your face
was always a pleasure


Im dreaming again
of seeing you again
of sticking together
looking back
at working together
at staying together
at nothing pulling us apart
Here I am
staring at the wall
woundrin where I go from here
what happens
now we're almost done
they took you from me
and put you at lemonaide
so Im standing here alone
woundrin how Ill cope
being so alone
just looking around
it looks so emptywill people see just me
or will they see who they want me to be
all they see is an employee
not a person who is in her last day of her job