Friday, April 17, 2009

Nim's Island

In this afternoons blog-i'm going deviate a little from my series of blogs (poems and song lyrics) to blog a bit about the movie Nims Island. I literally just finished watching it, and must say that it was great! Part of the reason it was so good was Jodie Foster, Abigal Breslin and Gerard Butler...all three of whom and fans of. It was well done over all--the beauty of it all was amazing. I particularly love the ending; you really have no idea what happens to all three (Alex, Nim, and Jack).

As a kid I always loved watching a good movie. This is still true of me today. But today, I have much more of a range of a like of movies. I've found drama, comedy, musicals, kids movies, and animations are all great. I also have found a couple foriegn films I like. The thing about my movie obcession since March 2007 is that I actually study what makes these films/movies I watch so good and sometimes so auful that way. As you may know from reading eaither this blog, or reading I have written two screenplays, am working on a novel, and am working on writing a stage musical. So watching movies both good and bad have helped me greatly to figure what parts of the story to include in the two screenplays I've written.

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