Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October leads to November

October means that November is right around the corner. Wait a moment! It's the end of October!!! Whatever happened to this month??? That means I have less than a week to prepare for nanowrimo ( Crap. I have no idea what I'm writing this year. I don't have any characters. I don't even have a hint of a plot. All I have is me, myself, and I, my laptop, and an abundance of time next month. I'm a little freaked out that November is approaching quickly. I'm despretly trying to fnd a plot and characters to write about. I just read the first e-mail from my ML. And there was a great line in it that I wish both made me laugh, and also gave me a good idea for a novel to write next month. Instead the line only made me smile. This particular line goes as follows "...clown-fearing ninja and his unfortanate escapades through France in pursit of the Queens underpants.". Too bad my brain isn't in creative mode. Otherwise I could turn that line into a full novel. I think I'll go back to my brainstorming now.