Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flops, screenplays, work, and concert series.

The whole blog a day thing hasnt worked out. I guess you could say I got lazy about posting. I don't know if I will ever post a blog every dont expect it.

Screenplay update:
The first one is done, and I am still in the midst of writing the first six scenes of the second one. THis time I think Im writing a lot slower simply because things are more complex in the second one, so Im makinging sure i get everything right.

As for working for the loons, things have been slow where I have been working, but that is perfectly fine! We do have a game tonight despite the rainy weather, and Nick hasnt called me back. Thats weird. He usually calls me back. Thats okay, Ill see him tonight at work.

In other news, I am organizing a concert series here in Mid-Michigan. I need composers and vocalists that want to be featured in the concert series. There will be one concert a month, on a monday evening somewhere in the Mid-Michigan area. I seriously need vocalists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your interusted, then please e-mail me at and I'll get back to you withing 24 hours. I could care less about where your from, as long as you want to sing. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get ahold of me ASAP if you want to be apart the the concert series. There will be five vocalists and one composer featured at each concert, I still dont have enough people for the first concert, so you might have a chance at being apart of the first one the sooner you get ahold of me!