Friday, March 27, 2009

I'd love to share my heart
to confess the things yearn
but that's not how it works
not with who I am
some call me a freak
others call me strange
but I'm me
yes, I'm me
I may be different
I may seem strange to you
but this is who I am
To me you're strange
but you aren't a freak
no your not a freak
you're just different from me
there's always more to the story that you see
I might not have my picture perfect, happy ending
but I'm sure it'll be here someday
someday I'll confess my heart; confess the things I yearn
and someday I'll be able to say
"I Love You"
I'll say
I love you
and I really do
there's so much more to my story
there's that perfect, and happy ending
its out there somewhere
in this big bright beautiful world
don't we deserve it all
don't we deserve it all?

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