Wednesday, May 6, 2009

As I look out my window
I can see all this green
and i wounder where this life of mine
is going
i wounder where you are
I wounder what you're doing now

And all I know
is that you're out there
doing something that I will never know
and I'm sitting here
staring out my window
questioning who I am
what I'm supposed to do
with my life

Tonight I'll see you again
tonight we'll work together again
and I'll remember why
I fell in love with you
and I'll remember why we can't be together
maybe life is stranger
than I ever thought it could be

Maybe my life is crazy
maybe I am crazy
but who says I can't enjoy my life
why should I follow the crowds
I'll do my own thing
I'll live my own crazy life
and maybe I'll enjoy it
yes I'll enjoy it
I'll enjoy my life
enjoy being me!

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