Monday, February 25, 2008

Patrick Henry Hughes

I've been watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC's website. I have to say that Patrick Henry is AMAZING! Being a pianist myself, I know just hard it is to play the piano as well as Patrick does. But to see and hear him play when he cant extend his arms all the way, and is blind makes his ability to play the piano even more amazing! Just watching him play and hearing him sing at the end of the episode was spectacular. As I finished watching the episode, I had an idea for some song lyrics. I had the first few lines in my head at that point, so I sat down at the piano. Sometimes this is the eaisiest way for me to compose a song so that I don't over think what I want. I managed to pluck out the melody, and was begining to figure out where I wanted the song to go. So I came back to my laptop to finish the lyrics. I literally just finished them (well the first draft at least). Hopefully throught the rest of today (except for the time I'll spend in class this afternoon) will be a productive time for writing the music. I thought I would post the lyrics here at least, but have just decided to keep them to myself for a little while longer so I can at least work out a few of the kinks in the lyrics that I don't like right now. Maybe during the next couple of days I will be able to record a video with eaither the lyrics or the music, or maybe even both if I can find someone to sing since I cant sing too well. As soon as I have some sort of video of this song, I'll make sure to post it on youtube and on this blog.
Dont't give up on your dreams. Not now. Not ever. Just keep on pushing through to achieve.
Love you all!

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Jader said...

Hi Erin,

Nice Blog you wrote here on the Hughes family. I was asked by Extreme Makeovers Home Edition to help them out with this episode, and I worked with Ty to set up the recording studio that they created for Patrick Henry Hughes.

Working on the show and helping Patrick Henry was an incredibly rewarding experience and I feel blessed for the opportunity to do so. Because you're a musician, I thought you might like to read a little behind the scenes of what went on.

You can read my blog about the experience here.

Thanks for writing about it.