Thursday, November 20, 2008

My new obsession...with words...yes words

So I've had this odd obsession with words that started last night. I have no idea why this new obsession is with words. It just IS! Knowing me, this obsession is probobly going to only last for something like a week or two, then I'll move on to some new obsession.

So here are some of the words that, for some odd reason, I LOVE!
  • Abandond
  • Deserted
  • Desolate
  • Destitute
  • desperate
  • empty
  • vacant
  • negected
  • lonely
  • forsaken
  • solitary
  • shunned
  • forlorn
  • outcast
  • rejected
  • helpless
  • unfortunate
  • doomed
  • abdicate
  • relinquis
  • truency
  • vacancy
  • deficancy
  • Forge
  • headway
  • declaired
  • intese
  • burning
  • cherish
  • tresured
  • ungodly
  • unimaginable
  • taboo
  • overpowering
  • uncommon
  • exceptional
  • unfamiliar
  • exotic
  • noteworthy
  • unparelled
  • harmony
  • tender

I'm actually kind of hopeing this obsession lasts since it could come in handy with the things I've been writing latley.

I'm downstairs in the commons (at Delta) right now, and there are these three really loud girls sitting near me. Their being quite obnoxious...I'd really like to just go over to them and have them turn the music down, if not off, and get them to quiet down so I can actually hear myself think. Well, I only have about an hour before class, so I guess I'll put up with it.

I've got an interview at Sears tomarrow morning (10AM). I'll try to update this blog on Tuesday with how the interview goes, and if I got a job.

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