Monday, January 26, 2009

Seriously...I swear today was meant to be a bad day

So far it's be a bad day. Well maybe not a bad day, just a frusterating and rather confusling day. I woke up at 7AM this morning, as usual and went outside to move my car so my mom could get to work. That's when things started going completley wrong. My car WOULDN'T start. So, my mom is borrowing a neighbors car for the time being, and I have the battery charger charging up the battery in my car. Hopefully the thing is charged enought to work at 11 this morning. I wasn't half surprised when the garage door decided it wasn't going to stay closed for me this morning. It's kind of a surprise that most things around here a still working considering that I've had some stinky luck when it comes to getting things to work this morning. I promise I'll blog later today with what happens with that annoying car battery that for whatever reason decided to quit on me suddenly.

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