Monday, May 11, 2009

"A Little Bit Wicked Life, Love, and Faith in Stages"

Okay from the title of this blog, some of you dear readers might know what book I am reading (aka the title of this blog is the title of the book). I'm reading it for the second time so I can do all the underlining I like...lets just say some librarians hate me. Once I own a book I write all over it so I can find my favorite bits.

On page five Kristin Chenoweth writes "I'm getting nervous. This doesn't happen much anymore. Like everyone around me, I'm a seasoned pro. Stage fright is a thing of the past. But tonight, as I prepare to step onstage, a hollow, little ice cube of doubt forms in the pit of my touch stomach. I close my eyes. Heavenly Father..."
I can remember reading this section the first time through, and completely getting it. As a middle schooler, I was the new kid with my piano teacher, and by far the least expereinced when it came to piano recitals, and on top of all that I was the begginer in the group of students at the recital. Just wait till you have to do this can be more nerve wracking than you realize. Thank God for experience...the next piano recital I was much more relaxed...sure I still had a small case of nerves the next recital, but each recital it got so much better. I caught up with everyone else after about six months. Within a year I was towards the top of the group of us students. By the time I was during my junior year of high school, I was eaisly at the top, and ahead of everybody...during that time I would do the recitals and wouldn't have the nerves. I made some mistakes, and I would always end up laughing at my mistakes. Then my senior year at my last piano recital, I had nerves. The funny thing is that in March of 2006 I did a dinner theater at my church, and I didn't have any nerves that day.

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