Monday, September 21, 2009

The Emmys...WOW!

So I didn't actually watch the emmys, but I did hear a bid about them this morning. As I was watching Good Morning America, they did a short clip on the emmys with various interviews and clips of the acceptance speeches. I was jumping up and down when I saw the Kristin Chenoweth won an emmy for best supporting actress (THANKS ABC FOR CANCELING PUSHING DASIES! YOU SHOULD'VE KEPT IT!) I didn't get to see or hear her acceptance speech, but I should be able to find it on youtube in the next couple of days. Most people who know of Kristin Chenoweth will know of her because she won a tony for her role in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, she has starred in several musicals including Phantom (the predecessor to Andrew Llyod Webbers The Phantom of the Opera), Wicked, The Apple Tree, starred in Pushing Daisies, and also starred in The West Wing. I naturally wanted to know more, so I took a quick look at news stories about her win. Here's what I was able to gather:
  • it's not unprecedented for a show to win an emmy after it's been canceled, but it is RARE, so it was no wounder that Kristin was shocked when she won.
  • she is making an apperance on an upcoming episode of FOX's Glee. (YIPEE for Cheno sightings!)

I guess while backstage Kristin was checked out by paramedics because she was complaining of a severe migrane headache, but recovered and was doing fine.

And what was I doing while all of this was happening??? I was busy with a bunch of things. I was at church from 3:30 pm until about 7PM for two different things. I was there until just after six to work in the nursery for a couple kids that needed child care during a women's potluck (THANKS for feed the kids and the two of us who worked!), then I headed over to the youth center to meet our new youth director, and let him know I can chaperone. Once I got home it was time to watch some sunday night football and have some microwave popcorn (YUM!!!).

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