Monday, July 4, 2011

Review of day three at camp

Day three at camp was a blast!
It was rather hot out, and that was fine. Don't ask me why, but I brought the TV, DVD player, and the rental place along. So last night we rented "The Kings Speech", and watched that before shooting off a few fireworks. Naturally that meant no time to do any writing from about 8:00 until a little after eleven when I joined in with the word sprints on twitter.
Here are some of the other highlights of yesterdays day at camp:
  • Listening to little kids laugh as they rode their bikes up and down the street while I wrote
  • having steak for dinner in the back yard
  • listening to the local minor league baseball team play on the radio for half an hour
  • getting about 200 words away from the 10000 word mark

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