Thursday, February 21, 2008


What have I done to myself? I first created this blog thinking I would update it regularly. At first I blogged a TON. Then I have slowly stopped blogging. I dont really know why. I still do love blogging, and have had some time here and there when I could have blogged but havent.

I'm sitting in the library right now listening to these two girls sitting nearby talk and laugh together while I am typing this. I am SO tired right now. Sometimes I really hate having a Wensday night Childrens Lit classs that runs from 6PM until 10PM. This means I get home at 10:30, and go to sleep right away. I have the rest of this week, and all of next week then Im on SPRING BREAK!!

Both of my parents and my brother have the same spring break as each other which just happens to be different than mine. So, my family will be leaving me home alone while they go to Florida. I dont have any plans for my spring break yet other than hang out with friends here in Midland. Im not really what to think about all of that. At least Ill have vacation from my family for a while.

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