Monday, September 8, 2008


This week I might start a new blog, but keep this one up. Im not sure if Ill do it yet.


Its only been a half an hour since I made the post above, but have decided to start a new blog. I will keep this one up, and post from time to time. Im going to keep this blog going with things going on in my life, and the new one is going to have a specific purpose. Ill update this post when I get that other blog set up.


As those of you who know me well may have noticed, the url of this new, sensitive issues blog, is the title of the first screenplay I wrote and finished in March of '08. There's a good reason for this. I've got some very sensitive issues that some people struggle with that I want to conqure in this blog, as well have a single place that I will post about the screenplay Im working on writing now. That will allow for me to blog on this one about other things going on in my life (school, work, home, friends, and family to mention a few.).


Okay, I've been updateing this post throughout the day, so as of midnight tonight, this post will be complete. Currently I have videos that can be found on youtube from the broadway musical and tour of Little Women. I strongly suggest anyone who love broadway musicals watch some of these videos. So many of the lyrics are beautiful as well as the music. Here is a video of an ameture verson of one song from the musical Little Women:

Enjoy it! Its very well done.

As for tonight, I have a bell choir rehersal...the first one for this season! I am so excited for this season of my bell choir.

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