Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In my personal life things have been going crazy. I'm still taking my class at Delta College, and am enjoying it. In my last post I wrote about love. It's amazing the number of things that have changed since I posted. Since then I've gotten over my first love, and fallen in love with someone else that is a definate possibility. That's where I'll leave it. Life sure does play a wild card on us sometimes.

What else has happened since my last post here? Let me see. I've done a lot of searching for my place in this world. I definatly have found a few places that I think I might belong. I can hardley wait to see if one of the places that I might work out. I sure do hope this works out the way I hope it will. I'll make sure to post something here as soon as I know if something falls through that could allow for some major life changes.

I've also found that I am beggining to look forward to the moment when a relationship definatley works out in my favor.

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