Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh the chaos!

Yes my life has been chaotic the past few weeks. I've been trying to update two blogs, going to class for six hours a week, doing my homework, studying for quizes, going to a bell choir rehersal, watching the season premiere of Greys Anatomy, watching part of the presidential debate, trying to keep up with the news, writing a screenplay, and babysitting. As if that's not enough I've had something spectaculare happen. I fell in love. I'm not even joking. Before I address this whole falling in love thing, I need to address anouther issue that I think I need to adress here.

I met Wendy years ago. It's really hard to know exactly when I met her, but we definatly met through church. We've both spent a fair amount of time watching our churchs mens slow pitch softball team. Over the years I was strangley fasinated by Wendy, but never quite knew why. I still really dont know why was so facinated by her at first. As I spent more and more time working in the church nursery, the more I realized just how neat Wendy was and still is. To put it bluntley...Wendy's married and has three kids, and I babysitt those three kids on ocasion. How weird. I'm in love with a lady that I babysitt for. How much weirder can it get? I guess I'll put up with being in love with someone I just can't have. I've kind of known over the years that this would happen eventually, and I'd have to deal with something like this. At least I can hope that someday I'll find someone who I fall in love with that isn't married, and they will fall in love with me. It's like what happened on Grey's Anatomy during the season premier this past thursay.

I'm off to check on the kids (the same three mentioned above). I bet their still fasinated by the episode of the cartoon spider man their currently watching! Adios!

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