Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I don't know which part is harder...not knowing where you'll be tomarrow, today, next week, or not knowing when you're coming home. I miss you're smile... Wrote Jennifer in her letter to Kathrine while Kathrine was deployed in Iraq. After everything Jennifer had been through, it was the hardest thing that she had to do. After Coreen's death, Jennifer wasn't sure of how to get up in the morning without remembering how much she missed her first wife. When Kathrine and Jennifer had married, Jennifer was so glad to love and be loved again. But she didn't know how she would handle it when Kathrine was on patrol as one of Midland's police officers. But that fear, the fear of loosing to an out of control driver, was something of the past. Now that Kathrine was gone in Iraq, Jennifer was constantly scared...what if she got injured, what if she died, what if she never came back? There were so many questions, and nobody could answer them for Jennifer.

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