Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon baseball

Yesterday afternoon was one of the Loons last Sunday afternoon home games, which turned out to be both a shut-out and one hot game. The Loon's not only had two home runs, but also shut out the Whitecaps with a score of 6 to 0. As for the heat-I would never suggest going to a baseball game when it is 90 degrees and humid out.

The weather truly stunk for those of us who were working. As usual I was at the hand dipped ice cream stand, which was undoubtedly busy. People wanted anything to cool off with. That off course meant water, ice cream, pop, and beer. I was just thankful that most people only wanted a cone, and not banana splits, hot fudge brownies, or sundaes. This stroke of luck speed (sp?) up the line considerably. Thankfully I had brought several bottles of water, so I didn't overheat, or end up dehydrated.

I hope I never have to work in 90 degree humid weather again!

I honestly don't know how many people know about the Great Lakes Loons, so I might as well share some info on them. The Great Lakes Loons are a single A affiliate for the Dodgers based in Midland, MI and are currently in their third season. The Michigan Baseball Foundation (MBF) in very much apart of the Loon's operations, and donates quite a bit of money to local organizations. Then there is Professional Sports Catering or PSC, which does all the food service at Dow Diamond. I know that if you go to you can buy tickets to games, see the season schedule, apply for jobs, view upcoming promotions, and quite a few other things. I suggest going to for more information.

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