Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's been a long day
and I'm finnally getting home
I'm so ready for a show
and I'm ready to get in bed
and fall asleep

class has finally finished
tigers game is still going on
and it's ties at four-four
I hope they win it
hope they make it too the playoffs

tigers game is still going on
now tigers are up five to four
maybe they'll win it all
come on guys
lets get three quick outs to end this game

the twins scored
that can't be good
please hold them off
and score a run in the next inning
please win this game

The twins scored
and the tigers didn't
and so that's that
the game is over
the tigers aren't in the playoffs
when the blew an eight game lead

Finally home
jump in the shower
let the water wash over me
wash away the pain of loosing against to the twins
I'll go to bed and things will be better tomarrow

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