Saturday, July 2, 2011

Review of day one at camp

Yesterday was day one at camp. I sure had fun! So here's a recap of events.
I spent the morning writing the beggining of the novel I am writing for camp by hand, then typed up the first 3500 words or so, and updated my word count.
It was rather hot out, which called for lots of water, and a mikes hard lemonaid for dinner with my brat and corn on the cob.
Sleeping didn't come easy thanks to the fact that it was hard to keep cool when the temprature was in the upper eighties and we have no air conditioning at camp.
During the day, I spent part of my time writing near the lake (aka the neighbors pool) listing to people scream and splash around. What a fun sound to hear and inspire me to write a novel!
Around the camp fire, I had a lot of fun singing a variety of songs, mostly from Shrek the musical. I also pulled out my battery powered radio (aka my radio plugged into the wall in my room) and listened to Midland's minor leauge baseball team ( play a game that they won while I wrote by hand once again.

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Shi said...

Writing by hand, huh? That's pretty unusual these days! In a way, I'd love to do that, but my handwriting is so messy that I wouldn't be able to read any of it to type up later.

It really sounds like you are having fun at Camp NaNo - singing and all - which is great to hear! Hope it cools down wherever you are though to make it more comfortable :)

Keep up the good work and good luck!