Thursday, June 30, 2011


Do you remember going to camp as a kid? What do you remember the most about camp?
In middle school I went to confirmation camp with my church. I remember both years I went vividly. And I have lots of memories from both years.
The first year I went, I didn't know anyone that was going. So I was a bit nervous. Thankfully I met a few people and made a few friends during the week. One of the counselors that worked there both years that I went I didn't see for years after I went. But then in the last year the two of us ran into each other at church again. It was amazing how much she had changed, and I'm sure that I changed a lot too. Probably the memory that has stuck with me the most from that first year at confirmation camp is that of my first day there, and how I got lost as I tried to make my way back from the lake front and my swimming test that everyone took to the cabin I was in.
My second year at confirmation camp, I went with a bunch of people that I knew well from church. I still made a bunch of new friends. This time I have some hilarious memories from the canoe trip that I went on with a few new friends. Neither of them had canoed before, and both were afraid of spiders. Naturally I was the one in the back steering (and also the shortest of the three of us), and the one stuck killing and removing all spiders that got into the canoe. Hearing those two girls screaming about spiders was hilarious. I also have great memories of doing crafts both years.
This year, I am experiencing a first when it comes to camp.
It's my first campnanowrimo, and the first campnanowrimo ever. How exciting!
Right now it is 11:20pm on June 30 in Michigan, where I am currently living. Campnanowrimo begins at midnight on July 1. I have been planning on staying up past midnight to get some writing on my July novel done before getting some good sleep and continuing on with the novel tomorrow during the day when I'll be more awake.

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