Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Time to focus on the character of Coreen!

Coreen is a character that was introduced to me in January 2008, and was one of two characters that I meet since the beggining of 2008. I've always known that Coreen has played and important role in Jennifer's life. But I never realized everthing that Coreen has dealt with during her life.

Growing up, Coreen had a very normal childhood. She loved music as a child, and has enjoyed singing since she was a child. At age 20, Coreen got married. When she went to college, she decided that she wanted to become a high school biology teacher. During her college years, she also worked doing some research and even had some of her research published. Shortly after graduating from college, she was offered a job at Midland High School in Midland, MI. Coreen miscarried her first child during her first year of teaching.

During her years at Midland high, Coreen met Jennifer. Jennifer and Coreen got to know each other quickly. The same day that Coreen and Jennifer really connected, Coreen's divorce from her husband was finalized. Over the next few weeks, Jennifer and Coreen got to know each other, and became close friends. Coreen had always wanted a daughter, and Jennifer was able to provide that. Jennifer wanted a motherly figure in her life and Coreen provided that.

After Jennifer left Midland, both Coreen and Jennifer kept in close contact. Several years after Jennifer moved away from Midland, Coreen went to New York to see Jennifer. During Coreen's visit, she not only got to be apart of Jennifer's wedding. Coreen was so proud of Jennifer for doing what she believed in. Coreen also met a young women who was up for adoption while she was in New York. Coreen eventually adopted that young women.

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