Sunday, January 27, 2008

I didn't know about this song until recently. When I found it a couple of days ago, I fell in love with it. I don't have much more to say about it.

This is also an amazing song! The musical talent involved with all of the songs from this concert was AMAZING!!! I am sure that this second song will touch anyone who has lost a friend/family member. I know it touch me so much the first time I heard it, and it touches me still.

"Lay aside your fears, no more pain, I am here, no go to sleep" From: "Goodnight" written by Scott Alan
"So close your eyes...and there will be a world you once knew, a world without the pain that has stuck with you far too long...for when I do arrive, your face should be the first face I see, so dry away the tears, lay aside your fears, no more go to sleep" from: "Goodnight" Written by Scott Alan

Over the summer a good friend of mine died of stomach cancer. But to completley understand the story you have to go back to the fall of 2006. During that fall I had joined the adult bell choir. I had already been playing bells for two years, so I had no problems learning the music (which happens to be a level or two above what I was used to-which wasn't any challange for me). That fall a member of my church who plays the flute was going to play a peice with us. I had known her since I was in middle school. During the morning of the preformance Pam and I got to talking. I felt so much like I knew her better than I really did. That sunday was the last time I saw Pam. Within a couple of weeks I heard that she had been diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. She never returned to church, and I never saw her again. That summer she died exactly a week before the fourth of July. Her funeral was the sunday before the fourth of July. The thing I remember was going to her funeral, and feeling so alone because I didn't know anyone there besides her husband and her daughter, who I both knew through the music program at church. I was always checking with her husband to see how Pam was doing. She wasn't doing too well, and was in some pain. During the funeral I met a few people I never knew before, and who I havent heard from since. I was sitting in a pew with a few of her friends who I had never met before. There were times we were all laughing at a good memory of her, and times we were crying. I've missed seeing Pam around. I still see her husband around church regularly. I am still apart of the bell choir. Just this morning we had a preformance and Pams husband was there. I couldn't help but remember Pam during our preformance when I saw him. Later this semester we are doing a bell dedication for several new bells we got, and we are dedicating them to Pam. During that preformance we will being doing a number for bells and a flute as a memory to Pam. So many of us knew Pam, so that preformance will mean something to all of us. When I die, the first person I want to see is Pam.

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