Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am SO bored right now. I'm tired of studying, and I don't know what to do. So I'm sitting here staring at this blog, trying to decide what to write about.

Hmmm. What's been going on since I last wrote a blog about my life? There's been school, homework to do, studying to do, two hours of working in the church nursery every week (Monday nights), one and a half hours of rehersal every tuesday night with the bell chior, and anouther two hours helping with the teen/childrens bell choirs.

Working in the nursery hasn't been bad at all. That has been a lot of fun (well until about 9:30). At 9:30 on Monday nights I'm dieing to go home and sleep after my fitness walking class. The childrens bell choir knows me fairly well now. During one of their recent rehersals, they decided that I am an indian when I'm playing a part they need me to play on one of their peices (I'm malleting about six bells).

Playing with the adult bell choir at church sure has been a blast! I am by far the youngest ringer, but thats fine with me. The oldest ringer is (I think) old enough to be my grandma. Becky, Carin, and Devon are by far the next youngest in the choir after me (Becky is still ten years older!). Becky, Devon, and I have this natural chemistry.

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