Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today is my day of random quotes coming out of my mouth.

I swear this computer hates me. Maybe it's not the computer. Maybe it's the mouse. I could swear it's just one of those days that the world is out to get me. Sometime last night, I misplaced my dad's keys. I didn't mean to. It just happened. I spent the hour I was awake searching for them. I never found them. Not really. I didn't find them before I left the house to go to my college classes today. When I got to school and was pulling my backpack out of the car, I saw them laying on the floor of the car. I still don't know how they got there. As for the computer and the mouse. I could swear one of the two hates me. I can get both to work fine most of the time. But I occasionally have problems with the computer running to slow or the mouse not going where I want it too. I am not using my laptop. I'm using one of the school computers that I always struggle with.

I have bell choir rehersal tonight. Yes I play handbells. I love bell choir rehersals. Something new and interusting always happens during our rehersals. One week someone said "Next chimes the charm!". It's one of those bell things that Im not going to attempt to explain. I am a bass bell player right now. I can play anywhere, but I'm playing the medium sized bells. I love the bells I've been playing for the past semester. In a peice we are playing for Easter, the bells around me (including mine), get to play the melody. We sure do love that peice. I'm sure that if you were too watch us playing, you would be able to tell just how excited we are about the peice.

I arrived at school today at 9am. My first class today starts at 11am. It seems kind of stupid for me to be sitting here doing nothing more than blogging. But that's what I am doing. I'm blogging at 9AM in the morning. Why am I even up this early? Sometimes I wounder about myself. Why do I force myself to get up earlier than I need to?

I am sore from yesterday. I'm taking this fitness walking class. It sure does make you sore. If you love feeling sore I suggest taking a fitness walking class. But, if you hate feeling sore, never NEVER NEVER taking a fitness walking class. Just wait until you start walking across a floor on your butt. That sure does make your butt hurt. Let's just say that there is more to Fitness walking than just walking. My butt hurts from walking across the floor on my butt, my legs are sore from doing stairs at high speed, and I really need to stand up now because my but really hurts BAD! I think that's all the blogging I can handle for the moment.

Hopefully I'll be back tomarrow to blog again. Hopefully my but wont hurt anymore then, and my legs will have recovered. I think Ill be sure not to do any blogging from a hard chair on a Tuesday after Fitness walking EVER again. I'll probobly be blogging about a novel I have to read tomarrow for my Childrens Lit class that I havent started yet.

I love ya all!

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