Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moving from a play to a musical

Do you think writing a play is hard? Well guess what...writing a musical is harder. As many of the frequenters to my blog know, I am writing a play. What you didn't know is that I am actually writing a musical. I originally just wanted to write the play, but as time passed I decided to turn it into a musical. Right now I am working on writing the songs, most of the lyrics have been written. But, I already know there will be changes. That's just what happens when you are a writer and composer. So far my parents have no idea that I am writing a musical, so they have no idea what all the noise is about. They'll find out eventually. I just want to finish the songs first before showing it to them the whole thing. My mom has seen the script, but doesnt know about the fact that it will become a musical eventually. I really need to get going now so I can work on some studying for classes!

Love ya all!

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