Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BONUS DAY 3!!!!!

I didn't think I was going to feel like doing any writing today, after my original day 3 post. Who knew I would end up at the library working on the screenplay, and suddenly feel like blogging?? I definatly didn't expect that!

The first screenplay (the one I just finished a few weeks ago) had so many details in it that there was no way I could include everthing I wanted to. So I began writing the second one (the one I've been working on for a couple of weeks now). Since I've been at the library, I hit a road block with the screenplay I've been working on. So instead of sitting here staring at the computer screen, I logged onto AIM, and began working on anouther screenplay that I have written bits and peices of since January. I got one scene in and hit writers block there. At that point I came here feeling like blogging about all of this writers block stuff.

Evidently I don't have a complete writers block, because I just thought of something that I need to put in Coreen's screenplay, and NOW before I forget it.

I got it down! It always feels so good to get a new idea down on paper in a word document. Things have been moving VERY slowly with the writing because it has been so hard for me to find the time to write much of anything. I'm hoping that this summer, I can write as much as I did last summer if not more. If I'm lucky I might have half of the screenplay about Coreen written by the end of the summer. That's just if I'm lucky enough to find enough time to write.

It's time to wrap up this bonus version of Day three. I can't wait to see what I come up with in these daily blogs.


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