Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I hate and love snow days

Yes, I both hate and love snow days. There is a reason behind this.

I hate snow days. Especially when my parents get one, my brother gets one, and Delta College won't even give me a four our delay or a snow day when CMU and SVSU are both delayed. Since I started at Delta, I have had no snow days, and one four hour delay. Honestly people. If CMU and SVSU are both giving four hour delays or closing, you really should be closing Delta. That should be a sign that the roads are bad.

I love snow days. They are free days when I can do what I want instead of doing work. I think everyone loves it when they have a snow day.

GRRR. I really hate whoever decides if we have a snow day or a delay at Delta right now. They seem to make auful choices as to not closing school or at least delaying it.

I really hope they decide to close school, and in the next half an hour. I just went to Delta's website to see what was going on with being delayed/closed. Still no delay, and still not closed. This sucks. I have no e-mails eaither from any of my teachers saying "Don't come to class". I hate how Delta NEVER NEVER NEVER closes.

Sometime I would like to have a chat with whoever decides to close Delta or not. I sure would like to tell them to close if SVSU and CMU are closed, and to delay when SVSU and CMU delay school. That person better not be out of town like they were last year on a day we should have had at least a delay.

I went from a bad mood yesterday to a worse mood today. And the worse mood is all because of SCHOOL! I'm sure that if I write anouther blog today, you will know if school was delayed or cancelled. I'm gonna go have fun studying. NOT. I'll be bored. And end up in front of the TV pleading for a snow day.

I still love you all. Even though Im in a bad mood.

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