Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have no idea how old I was in this picture, but I was really young at the time.

All of the cousins at the time-there was one more cousin yet to be born.

This was taken way back in 1996 during my mom's family reunion. I was seven or eight at the time.

Those are two pictures from quite some time ago. Maybe I'll be able to find some more of these old pictures from when I was a kid and scan them onto my laptop so I can post them.

I had a few minutes yesterday to have some fun making this video. It's no where near perfect, but I still had SO much fun making it! Hopefully a few rentheads out there enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making this. If I ever get some time eaither later today, or tomarrow I'll see if I can't make anouther music video for a different song I have in mind. This other music video I'm thinking about making will take a little more work since it is meant for two voices (which also means that I'll have at least two takes).

Love ya all!

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