Friday, January 25, 2008

I've been doing some thinking, and listening to music, and just being myself since about seven tonight. I thought about devoting this blog to the youtube gathering that I am planning, but really don't feel like writing about that. I then thought about writing about "Complete Peace", but really don't feel like writing about that right now. So I am going to just go with whatever comes to mind.

I'm a little different,
I know it,
but I have something no one else has

I have a hope,
that gets me through all the bad days,
and makes my good days so much better

I've got a quiet,
that everyone sees,
yet no one understands,
except me,
except God

I really don't understand the quiet completley,
but I know I have this quiet
and I know that I'm this way for a reason,
I can imagine things,
that no one else has ever has,
and this imagination,
only comes out
once in a while

This imagination stays inside,
and gives me a place that I escape to,
most every day,
just for the time,
when I feel the most at home,
and the time and place when people understand me
It's my escape from a reality
that sometimes hurt

There are my parents,
the people who have raised me,
the people who don't understand my imagination,
who can't see my need to escape from a bad day
to a better world
a world where I belong,
a world where there are people that are the most like me

There are my friends,
my friends from high school
the people who love me so much,
the people who care so much
who listen to me
who understand me
the people that are so close to me
the people I consider a family

There are my friends,
my bell chior friends,
most of whom are old enough to be my parents,
but are also like sisters,
the people I've spent so much time with for the past couple years
people who I get along with so well
people who are like anouther family
a group I consider a second family

But I'm fine with all this,
'cause I've grown so much,
I know what I want,
I know who I'm becoming,
I have a family,
well three families,
all three families are the people
that I care for so much
and I know where I want to be in a few years,
I know there are so many unexpected things coming,
but best of all,
I know Ill make it through it all

and no one can ever take away my imagination
that imagination
which has always been there,
the imagination that imagines so many realistic things,
and so many unrealistic things
but has given me a hope
that I can become the things I really want
that I can do things that no one believes I can

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