Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's time for my second update on the Youtube gathering in Bay City/Midland/Saginaw. Here is what I already have figured out in the planning:

  1. We are meeting in Bay City at the Delta College planetarium
  2. We don't have any definate plans yet, so we can do anything we want. The next few points include possibilities that we could do, but dont have to.
  3. If you are interusted in going to the Loons baseball game at 7:05 that night, please e-mail me at so that I can decide if there is enough interust for us to get enough money together to get a section of the stands to ourselve, or if we just want to buy lawn tickets. If you want to go and not to many people do feel free to go. I won't make anyone go if they don't want to.
  4. Does anyone who is planning on coming want to go to a show at the planetarium? If so please e-mail me at so I can make a reservation (which we WILL need if we want to go to a show).

I am getting excited about this youtube gathering now. Hopefully we have a few people show up!

I can't wait to see who shows and to meet other youtubers!

Love ya all!
Erin (ppmusic2010)

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