Saturday, January 19, 2008


Allise and I had been goofing off in the park playing on the equipment. This was the result of a rather interusting moment caught by my digital camera.

This picture occured during my friends Christmas party. We were outside playing in the snow for quite a while. We had just come inside, and had decided to take off our pants to put them in the drier. You can clearly see the coat around this friend.

This one came on July 1rst when a friend of mine and I decided to have our own fourth of July celebration together since I would be out of town on the fourth. This particular firework was great, until it tipped over on it's own. After the firework was done going off, this is what we found!
Hopefully this next year will bring some new and interusting pictures for me to post. Hopefully there aren't any more fireworks that tip over to scorch the grass and sand in the park. I do hope that I can find some time to take a few more pictures this year to post here. These pictures might bring some interusting insites to what is going on in my life and as to what it is like to only be 4 foot eleven inches tall.

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